[pulseaudio-discuss] index of sink attached to stream

cal cal at graggrag.com
Fri Jun 27 19:29:35 PDT 2008

My scenario is similar to the one described in ticket 314,
<http://pulseaudio.org/ticket/314> but my problem is subtly
different, so I'll plead my case here rather than generate
noise on that ticket.

Setting the initial volume in pa_stream_connect_playback()
works fine. From there on, whenever the app needs to change
volume, I use pa_stream_get_index() to get the sink index,
then pa_context_set_sink_volume_by_index() to set the volume.
First time through, the sink index comes up as 0, and
everything works nicely.

Then the application exits playback mode. The stream and
context appear to be disconnecting correctly. Next time the
app enters playback, the sink index has been incremented,
hence it's invalid. It increments each time you exit and
re-enter playback. The obvious question is, am I really
shutting down the stream correctly? I think so, but I'm still
scouring through that stuff.

Meanwhile it's a very odd problem ... anyone have any

cheers, Cal

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