[pulseaudio-discuss] index of sink attached to stream

cal cal at graggrag.com
Sat Jun 28 00:05:44 PDT 2008

cal wrote:
> [...] use pa_stream_get_index() to get the sink index,
> then pa_context_set_sink_volume_by_index() to set the volume.
> First time through, the sink index comes up as 0, and
> everything works nicely.
> Then the application exits playback mode. The stream and
> context appear to be disconnecting correctly. Next time the
> app enters playback, the sink index has been incremented,
> hence it's invalid. It increments each time you exit and
> re-enter playback. [...]

Good news, pa_stream_get_device_index() works, pa_stream_get_index()


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