[pulseaudio-discuss] Loading module-null-sink when no real sinks found.

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Mar 25 18:05:10 PDT 2008

On Wed, 12.03.08 01:29, Colin Guthrie (gmane at colin.guthr.ie) wrote:

> OK, I've implemented the first draft of this idea.
> It works OK (well, doesn't seem to crash!) but has a couple issues.
> If it's loaded at startup and no other sinks are created, it will
> automatically create a null-sink for you. You can play sound and as soon
> as you add another sink (could be your own null-sink or a real sound
> device e.g. from usb etc) it will automatically unload the null-sink it
> started. The idea is that module-recover-streams should take over and
> move all the streams from the null-sink to the new sink added. This
> doesn't seem to work in my tests. I get a blip of audio and then mplayer
> just freezes. I'm not sure that's my fault (the audio does start afterall).
> The other way round seems to work fine, e.g. starting playing with a
> real sink, and removing the said sink, a null-sink is automatically
> loaded and the recover-streams kicks in and works.
> I would have thought that the case where it fails should have been more
> successful and the case where it works could have failed (as it uses one
> of the same hooks as recover-streams, tho' I *was* careful to load my
> module first).
> Can someone please comment on the code and the ideas and if I'm doing
> something fundamentally stupid?
> The whole "u->ignore" flag in there seems a bit wrong and I've maybe
> missed something obvious there.

Just a quick update on this: the patch looks fine to me, I see no
bugs. This is most likely an issue with some underlying code I am
responsible for.

Urrgh, Yet another item on my TODO list now... ;-)


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