[pulseaudio-discuss] question about parameter "server" for paplay on 0.9.13?

Chen, Hao H hao.h.chen at intel.com
Wed Nov 19 23:35:42 PST 2008


1> From paman, I could find pulseaudio server launched and server name was  "pulseaudio".
2> I tried "paplay --server=pulseaudio  <wav file>", while failed with error message "Connection failure: Connection refused".

In fact, in paplay.c, 
"pa_context_connect(context, server, 0, NULL);" => if server =NULL, means using default server, always succeeded. While if server name specified, failed.

Question:  how to use this parameter "server" for pa_context_connect()? 



PS> I use the same account for launching pulseaudio and paplay.

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