[pulseaudio-discuss] PulseAudio BT setup

Michal Sawicz michal at sawicz.net
Tue Nov 25 12:03:24 PST 2008

Dnia 2008-11-25, wto o godzinie 23:13 +0530, Nanavati, Sitanshu pisze:
> Could someone please let me know what is missing/wrong in the setup?

You're trying to send sound _to_ windoze over bluetooth? AFAIK that
won't be possible. The windows installation would need to act as a
bluetooth headset and there's nothing I saw yet that provides that,
neither on linux.

What I understand that you want is that you want to send audio from
linux to windows, which pulseaudio can easily do over network, just tell
the linux side what pulseaudio server you want to use and that's it.

Michal Sawicz <michal at sawicz.net>

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