[pulseaudio-discuss] UPDATE volume limiter - is this possible in pulseaudio?

Sanjeev Sharma throwit1 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 19:09:54 PST 2008

OK, so this cannot be done at the moment using pulseaudio / LADSPA

because the pulseaudio LADSPA hander takes one input port & one output
port with specific names.

I read that when I started playing with this stuff but I didn't
realize what it meant, exactly.

I'm working with this  asoundrc at the moment - it still doesn't do
exactly what I want, mainly because I listen to stuff that's recorded
at wildly different levels, making it hard to get settings that can be
heard for one song, but too loud for the next one.

pcm.limit {
      type ladspa
      slave.pcm "plughw:1,0";
      #slave.pcm "default";
      path "/usr/lib/ladspa";
      plugins [
              label fastLookaheadLimiter
                 #"Input gain (dB)" input, control, -20 to 20, default 0
                 #"Limit (dB)" input, control, -20 to 0, default 0
                 #"Release time (s)" input, control, 0.01 to 2, default 0.5075
                 #"Attenuation (dB)" output, control, 0 to 70
              input {
               controls [ 0 -11 0.01 ]

pcm.!default {
  type plug
  slave.pcm "limit"
  #slave.pcm "h_limit"

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