[pulseaudio-discuss] libcanberra should be an optional dependency for pavucontrol

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at pardus.org.tr
Mon Oct 6 11:34:46 PDT 2008

Lennart Poettering wrote:
> On Mon, 06.10.08 14:09, Ozan Çağlayan (ozan at pardus.org.tr) wrote:
> Heya,
>> The GIT branch of pavucontrol and the latest stable release strictly 
>> depends on libcanberra for managing the event sounds' volume. I think 
>> that this dependency should be made "optional" so that the distributions 
>> with KDE desktop environment can compile it without depending on 
>> libcanberra.
> Sorry, but that's not gonna happen. What are you asking me for next?
> Maybe that the dep on gtk should become optional too? 
Hm, maybe I need some enlightment about the issue,

All I want to do is to remove the sound system track widget from 
pavucontrol because AFAIK this widget is only functional on systems 
which plays event sounds using libcanberra. Am I wrong? Does that widget 
manages the system sounds' volume in a platform/mechanism independant way?

I didn't say anything about dependency hell. I already packaged 
libcanberra and it's already in our repositories so no problem with 
linking to it ;)



Ozan Çağlayan

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