[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulse Audio crashes

Scott Castaline skotchman at gmail.com
Thu Oct 23 14:15:03 PDT 2008

It seems that Pulse Audio intermittently crashes only when I'm using
Rhythmbox. Sometimes it'll stop almost right away (during play of 1st track
selected) and other times it'll play for hours and then suddenly crash. If I
don't close Rhythmbox right away the system gets very sluggish and almost
non-responsive. I have sent an email to the Rhythmbox list without any
reaction, so I'm assuming that no one else seems to have this problem. I am
running Fedora 9 uname -r = I have created an icon
on my desktop that just does a pulsaudio & to restart it, but it'll only
last a few seconds. I usually log out then force a restart of X
(ctrl-alt-bkspce), log back in and then it's fine for a while. There doesn't
seem to be anything in particular that I do. I normally will start Rhythmbox
and put it on my 2nd desktop maxmisized, and FF3.x with 2 tabs open along
with T'Bird-2.x (Lightning extension and iGoogle Provider plugin running),
GnuCash, a Calc spreadsheet file open, and calculator, usually all
minimisized if I'm not doing anything with them, on my 1st desktop.


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