[pulseaudio-discuss] Was Pulseaudio crashes is now; Is it really working?

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Oct 27 13:58:13 PDT 2008

Scott Castaline wrote:
> Colin Guthrie wrote:
>> Scott Castaline wrote:
>>> This maybe a little irregular to reply to my own post, but I need to add 
>>> something. Do I need to manually re-add pulse groups and users 
>>> (pulse-rt)? I've noticed that in the past the system had some 
>>> groups/users related to Pulseaudio and I had to add myself to the 
>>> group(s). They are no longer there. When I do the cli command;
>> You only need ot use the users/groups if you are using a system wide 
>> daemon (whereby pulse-access group is needed for any user that wants to 
>> connect to that daemon and the pulse user is needed (well recommended) 
>> to actually run that system instance) or if you are using an older 
>> system which does not have policykit support. Policykit provides a 
>> standard way to give specific users running specific apps permission to 
>> do specific things that require elevated privileges and thus replaces 
>> the pulse-rt group.
>> Col
> So you're saying that it is running and doing what it is supposed to?

I'm just explaining the how you are supposed to grant yourself real time 
priority in the modern era. Using the groups is old fashioned.

I can't tell you if "it's running" or not, but your original message 
does not show any crashes that I can see..... I'll reply to your 
original message with some info.



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