[pulseaudio-discuss] Skype over NX session (Pulse setup)?

Janusz Syrytczyk jsyrytczyk at uni.opole.pl
Wed Sep 17 13:21:56 PDT 2008

Hi, this is somewhat crazy :-)) read on:

I do have a server which is deaf. No soundcard, its a OpenVZ container.

I connect to it through nxserver-freenx using a client (which has some audio 
settings, but they are for noobs and doesn't work anyway ;-)). I Use the 
containter as a main desktop (KMail, amarok, mplayer, etc.)

I got Pulse setup on third server (OpenVZ Hardware Environment - HE). It has a 
sound card and outputs sound.

All is allright when I use Pulse-aware software - I can play sound on the HE 
and (probably) on the NX terminal, if I got Pulse on it (I see no reason why 
it shouldn't work, it would be just other server).

What does not work is Skype. I would like to have it on NX terminal. What I 
shall configure to have it done? 

thanks - Janusz.

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