[pulseaudio-discuss] giving custom names to devices

H.S. hs.samix at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 09:14:28 PST 2009


Is it possible to give custom names to audio devices?

Presently the audio devices have long cryptic names listed in the device
chooser. If possible I would like give these devices custom user
friendly names. For example, my Micorosft LX-3000 USB headset is listed as:
ALSA PCM on front:1(USB Audio) via DMA

but I would like it to be listed as perhaps
USB Headset: Microsoft LX-3000

It is doable (this is on Debian Testing)? If yes, how do I go about
doing this?

My main motivation for this is make novice users (friends and some
senior citizen relatives) select a device very easily. When there are
multiple devices involved (a USB headset, the onboard speakers and mic,
webcam mic, etc.), it becomes confusing for novice computer users to
understand which device is which.



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