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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Sat Feb 28 16:40:16 PST 2009

On Sat, 28.02.09 18:02, Pablo Yaggi (pyaggi at alsurdelsur.com) wrote:

> I meant an example about how to do the bluetooth connection step by step,
> but never mind I missed read about d-feet stuff you told me about (sorry).
> Now, I did this,
> hcitool scan 
> I found my device and did:
> hcitool cc ... (my device was connected )

Don't use the raw low-level tools. Use bluez's gnome UI tools for the pairing/trusting.

> then I used d-feet and trigger the connect method on the headset interface
> for my device, the device beeps and any further call to this method returns already connected;
> calling disconnection also works since the device beeps and gets disconnected.
> While doing this I had the pulseaudio device manager open and nothing happen, no new devices
> where append to the list, but an strange thing do happen (at least for me) any time I press
> the execute button in the d-feet method call window a line inside my default device tree (alsa...) 
> was append for a second or so. something like this:
> PulseAudio Manager
> -------------------------------
> 	Sinks
> 		alsa_output.pci_8086_284b
> 			#221 button-pressed
> no matter which method I'm executing, a line like that (#nnn button-pressed) is append
> for a while and then disappears.

Do not use paman. It's obsolete and not up to date. Do not use
padevchooser. It's obsolete and not up to date. Use pavucontrol.

Also, are you sure you loaded "module-bluetooth-discover"? Add a
"load-module" line for that to defualt.pa. That's the code that
actually makes PA pick up all connected BT audio devices.


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