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Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Mon Jun 29 17:54:28 PDT 2009

On Wed, 24.06.09 16:26, Alvaro Alonso Jiménez (alvaroalo at gmail.com) wrote:

> Hey!!!
> I have a big big problem.
> I need to configure PulseAudio in order to combine an audio stream with a
> video stream, by using ffmpeg. In this sense, since I was not familiar with
> pulseaudio, I tried firstly to be able to generate an audio stream and send
> it to other machines of the same LAN via RTP to see how it worked, with
> successful results. And now, I wanted to use the module pipe-sink with
> ffmpeg with some more options, and taking into account the video input as
> well.
> The problem arises from the fact that when trying to change /etc/pulse/
> default.pa by adding
> load-module module-pipe-sink file=/tmp/sound
> and deactivating the previous configuration which let me the RTP sending of
> the audio streaming to the other machines, now Rhythmbox does not work
> anymore, I mean, it loads, but when trying to play a song, it does
> nothing!!!!
> As a result, I reconfigured again the default.pa file to run as RTP sender,
> and Rhythmbox worked properly again.
> I would be really grateful if you could tell me the complete configuration I
> should follow of the default.pa file in order to have a good behaviour of
> Rhythmbox, and to have the audio stream coming from the Rhythmbox stored in
> the file of the pipe-sink.

The pipe sink needs someone on the other side to read the PCM data in
the correct speed. If there is nothing which reads from the other side
of the pipe then the device will stay stuck. Isn't that obvious? What
else would you expect?

Really, the pipe sink is a toy, not useful for anything serious. I
just keeping it around as code example, but it's probably a pretty bad

/me goes and removes them from the Fedora RPMS.


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