[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 0.9.15-test4

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Thu Mar 5 03:43:22 PST 2009


Here's another test release, quickly before I leave for BOSSA. Only 5
issues left to fix until the final release: bug #440 needs to be
fixed, some issues with flash investigated, a look needs to be taken
at the time graph shift for record streams, saved stream volumes need
to be scaled in the same way as active stream volumes and an issue
needs to be investigated where flat vol causes the volume to jump
around after each event sound.

When you package this for yoru distribution make sure to add a
dependency to udev-extras to your package. A very recent snapshot of
udev-extras, i.e. like from yesterday, would be a good choice. PA will
run fine without an updated udev-extras but you'll get nice device
strings and icons only with that dependency installed.


You might also want to stick a current snapshot of pavucontrol into
your distro when you package this. Colin contributed some work to
wrap hot switching of card profiles from the UI. It's pretty nifty.

Colin Guthrie (8):
      Fix a very strange 'file not found' error in module-alsa-card.
      bluetooth: Fix under linked module-bluetooth-device
      Don't assume that device reservation is enabled.
      raop: Allow for nice sink descriptions to be set (interpolated from avahi)
      raop: Log teardown explicitly
      raop: Handle the reponse header memory allocation more sensibly.
      Use pa_assert_se() when the containing code has side effects.
      Use LGPL 2.1 on all files previously using LGPL 2

Finn Thain (1):
      revive solaris module

Lennart Poettering (37):
      forgot to bump the revision
      try to vacuum a little when nothing is going on
      revise list of form factors a little
      when an underrun happens, increase watermark by 10ms instead of doubling it
      when alsa tweaks our sample_spec make sure we adjust the watermark accordingly
      make example code a bit more robust/change-proof
      introduce seperate vendor/product id fields
      revise form factor list a bit, simplify and use singular everywhere
      get additional device data from udev
      add logic for initializing a useful icon name
      For now don't list icon property (in favour of icon name property) since icon negotiation is probably much more complex (i.e. sizes...) than just putting icon data somewhere.
      make dependency on udev versioned
      add update-shave target
      run make update-shave
      run update-reserve
      run make update-sbc
      run make update-ffmpeg
      properly handle directed card info requests
      pass profile priority value to clients
      fix device reservation for system mode
      document more closely from which context certain functions may be called
      pa_xnew cannot fail -- that's what the x is in the name
      various smaller cleanups
      Fix a NULL pointer access when sutting down esound/simple connections
      Don't allow suspending of monitor sources.
      make suspend state of monitor source follow the suspend state of the sink it belongs to
      fix handling of _suspend_all(), return first failure error code
      handle negative error codes
      print error code when suspend/resume fails
      never try to suspend monitor sources, suspend the sinks they belong to instead
      try more things to get a proper icon for sinks/sources
      fix typo in FOREIGN_CFLAGS
      make interpol test more interesting by corking/uncorking multiple times
      try to detect when stupid clients forks and refuse all service from then on
      run make update-po
      prepare release 0.9.15-test4

Marc-André Lureau (3):
      bluetooth: hsp case, check l for appropriate error message
      bluetooth: service_fd could be 0
      bluetooth: don't init profile when off

Piotr Drąg (1):
      Updated Polish translation

Xavier Conde (1):
      Updated catalan po


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