[pulseaudio-discuss] How to move streams to/from a remote PA server

Tore Anderson tore at fud.no
Sun Nov 1 11:19:18 PST 2009

* Colin Guthrie

> You shouldn't run padevchooser. It's not something we support or 
> recommend these days, party due to exactly this problem!
> The approach you need to take here is slightly different. You do not 
> (cannot) move a live stream between two PA deamons. What you do
> instead is *always* talk to your local PA server. If you run paprefs,
> and enable the relevent network options, you will automatically get a
> "Tunnel" sink added to your local PA that will allow you to move your
> streams between the local and remote devices.

Aha, thanks for the tip!  I assume that the  option you're talking about
is the one labelled «Make discoverable network sound devices available
locally»?  For some reason it is «greyed out» and I cannot select it
(under the Network Access tab only «Enable network access to local sound
devices» is toggleable and once that one is set, «Don't require
authentication» is activated as well).  Haven't figured out why yet, you
wouldn't have an idea by any chance?

Best regards,
Tore Anderson

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