[pulseaudio-discuss] How to disable mixer element IEC958 ?

thaler jth at gmx.net
Mon Nov 23 12:05:41 PST 2009


I have upgraded my system to Fedora 12 and I have PulseAudio 0.9.19.

My problem is that I have a switch "IEC958" (= S/PDIF) and I want to disable it. (Because if it is on, a red light disturb me)

With the old version (Fedora 10), I simply uncheck the box in the volume control window.

With the new version I added to following line to analog-output.conf.common: 

[Element IEC958]
switch = select

[Option IEC958:on]
name = output-iec958-on
priority = 10

[Option IEC958:off]
name = output-iec958-off
priority = 0

Now my problem is: I can choose output-iec958-off in the g-v-c and the switch will go off. Then I play a sound and the switch goes ON again.

Same behavior with
[Element IEC958]
switch = off

I am at my wit's end. ;)

Thanks for your help,
... thaler.

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