[pulseaudio-discuss] no clue how to downsample network audio stream + some minor issues

vitaminx vitaminx at callistix.net
Wed Nov 25 19:27:48 PST 2009


I'm pretty new to pulseaudio and after some days of reading manuals i'm
actually stuck with 3 things:

- i have a media server running pulseaudio and i want to stream audio to
it. works pretty well so far, but my bandwidth is quite low for the
moment so i want to downsample the sound *only* when i use the tunnel
i'm stuck here, i don't know where to configure that. daemon.conf
(default-sample-rate) doesn't seem to be the right place because it
resamples the sound locally as well - what i don't want.

- using alsamixer i'm getting a new pulseaudio device by default. that's
cool - i thought - so i could map my multimedia keys to amixer to
control the volumes... with no success, because alsamixer shows me the
volume bar but it doesn't let me change it. why is that and can i enable
it somehow?

- that led me to take a look at the module-mmkbd-evdev module. But:

>>> load-module module-mmkbd-evdev
Module load failed.

syslog gives me:
Nov 26 04:23:39 work pulseaudio[12760]: module-mmkbd-evdev.c: Failed to
open evdev device: Keine Berechtigung (no access)

to which group do i have to add pulse to make it work?

thanks for reading all this :)


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