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> On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 06:17:12PM +0200, remrot at gmail.com wrote:
>> Seems like I have to repeat myself: if you don't want to use PA, than
>> don't use it! If you don't use it, you don't have to pay!
> Sorry, it seems I misunderstood you, so I apologize.
> I thought you meant that everyone should pay the price for this new
> technology, even if he doesn’t need it, and you don’t understand people who
> don’t want to pay it. So I was a little more offensive than I should have
> been. Again, I apologize.

No prob, apology accepted ;)

I can understand people who don't like changes in "their" OS at all and I
think every one of us knowks at least one guy/girl that freaks out if some
desktop-icons have been moved ;)

Seriously, it's normal that users don't like all changes that are made in an
OS or an application, but that doesn't mean that it should not be developed
further. Sometimes a lot of changes have to be made to allow an OS to be
further improved and some of these changes can be pretty disruptive. In the
Linux world, every user will sometimes be strucked by such disruptive
changes, simply because of the fast pace at which development occurs. Many
of these changes have been critized in the beginning but later been embraced
because they provided a lot of benefit for most people, giving them a free
OS that is on par with the commercial competitors. But this process takes
its time, and if you (and every other user) decide to avoid these changes as
long as possible, you are free to do so! But you have to accept the fact
that you cannot force developers to stop changing their product, as well as
they can't force you to use it!



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