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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 07:19:53 PDT 2009

> That's exactly what happens currently: PA gets developed and stabilized!
> But, as I already wrote in the last mail, stabilizing PA is something that
> cannot be achieved in some private basement. It is by far too complex and it
> needs a phase where it is thoroughly tested by a great number of users to
> finally become the application that we (me at least) hope for. With one
> full-time developer and few contributers there is simply no other way to
> manage that task. If you really can't live with PA, there are a lot of
> alternative distributions (even Ubuntu flavours) that are not using it. That
> way, you can avoid it until the day it is stable enough for you. The same
> thing was true for KDE 4.0, it was very easy to avoid it since it hasn't
> been the default DE in any distribution I know of. Nonetheless, there was
> this mega-rant that did not help anybody and spread a lot of hostility...
> Honestly, I can't understand how people can invest so much energy in useless
> rants. Imho, if you have a problem with FOSS applications, and you can't or
> don't want to code, there are always 3 reasonable actions you can take:
> 1. Report bugs, ask for help, request features, talk to the devs about
> anything you like or dislike BUT do that in a friendly, constructive way! By
> doing that, you'll help many users worldwide!

I have filed over 1000 bugs in KDE and I'm pushing 150 on *buntus.
About half of them are triaging other people's problems.

> 2. If that does not work for you, search for an alternative application and
> see if it fits your needs. There are alternatives for almost everything in
> linux, imho there are too many of them in some areas (including audio) and
> you are free to use wichever you like.

PA fits my needs. But I'm not everybody.

> 3. If you cannot find anything that fits your needs, take a look into the
> world of commercial software. Not everything you have to pay for is bad ;)

Is there a commercial sound system for Linux? I have never heard of this.

> Whichever action you choose, it will be better than starting the next flame
> war! Nobody needs them, nobody wants them! Except for trolls...

Flame war? I pointed out that the problem with PA is not PA, but
overanxious distros who see something shiny and bolt it on. Flame

Dotan Cohen


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