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2009/10/21 Dotan Cohen <dotancohen at gmail.com>

> I have filed over 1000 bugs in KDE and I'm pushing 150 on *buntus.
> About half of them are triaging other people's problems.

Then I have to say THANK YOU! That's the way to go! And obviously it works,
KDE and Ubuntu are improving even though there are also some regressions...

> Is there a commercial sound system for Linux? I have never heard of this.

I've been generally speaking about different types of apps. But actually,
there was one until recently ;)

> > Whichever action you choose, it will be better than starting the next
> flame
> > war! Nobody needs them, nobody wants them! Except for trolls...
> >
> Flame war? I pointed out that the problem with PA is not PA, but
> overanxious distros who see something shiny and bolt it on. Flame
> away.

I'm sorry if you took this personally! I was talking about the people that
contribute to the rant in general, like many of the /. commenters! However,
I still believe that it is the right way to distribute an important new
technology at an early stage, at least for desktop users. I simply believe
in "release early, release often". The problem with Ubuntu is that they are
not willing to constantly provide new (and improved) versions of PA because
of their release philosophy and this was especially bad in case of the LTS
version. A simple function to disable PA and reset everything to ALSA would
have been a good idea. But, as long as this users provide valuable feedback
and the devs are listening to them, we all will profit in the long run.

BTW: I'm curious how the transition from hal to device-kit will evolve. I
had a lot more problems because of that in the karmic alpha and beta than I
had with PA since I first used it...


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