[pulseaudio-discuss] Automatic selection of an audio sink depending on value of ENV variable

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My two cents :

I agree that this setup (with 2 screens) isn't useless at all! I had the
same setup a few years ago, when PA didn't exist, very nice. Someone could
watch a movie on the TV while I was working on the other screen. But I
thought that the multiple screen feature has been removed from X a while
ago? Has it been readded? Anyway, I'm offtopic, so ignore me if you must ;)



2009/10/26 Leszek Koltunski <leszek at koltunski.pl>

> >
> > Yepp, and I'd argue the non-xinerama setup is useless.
> (...)
> I long had a feeling that I am being a pest with my dual screen, no-one
> seems to like it :) Least of all the people in the Gnome mailinglist...
> 1) Think about this usercase (that I already wrote about before):
> - a monitor and a soundcard 1
> - a TV, standing in another room, soundcard 2
> - bluetooth mouse & keyboard.
> Connect the TV to your nvidia TV-out; fire up 'nvidia-settings'; setup
> the TV. You've got 2 options:
> - 'separate X screen'
> - 'TwinView' ( xinerama )
> since TV is in another room, Xinerama makes little sense and actually
> makes things harder ( mostly because various windows which are supposed
> to pop up in the center of the screen pop up between the monitor and TV
> and you cannot easily see them, especially since the TV is most of the
> time disconnected! )
> So you set up the separate X screen. This works very nicely (apart from
> a few little bugs in Gnome-panel ) You can enjoy watching movies or
> picture slides on your TV. It's really much better than Xinerama.
> **********************************************************************
> Furthermore, I already have a simple patch which IMHO does not screw up
> anything for the single-monitor and Xinerama people while
> ALMOST-WORKING ;) for all those dual-screen pests. I'll post it in
> another message.
> L.
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