[pulseaudio-discuss] [ANNOUNCE] PulseAudio 0.9.16-test7

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Sep 2 17:58:42 PDT 2009


Here's another test release. The previous test release was supposed to
be the last one, but uh, given the amount of changes committed I
decided to push another snapshot.


Some of the changes are quite important, as they fix some memory
corruption in the MMX/SSE code.

Andy Shevchenko (3):
      raop: Fix memory leak
      core-util: Fix logic of pa_make_path_absolute()
      Fix checking for NULL after usage

Finn Thain (1):
      Solaris: debug my latest enbugging, take 2

João Paulo Rechi Vita (2):
      bluetooth: handle bluetooth source
      bluetooth: add discover of bluetooth sources

Lennart Poettering (48):
      macro: add PA_CLIP_SUB() for saturated subtraction
      loopback: add loopback module for direct connections of sinks and sources
      combine: store adjust time in usec
      loopback: make sure a monitor can't be looped back to its sink
      loopback: update description and icons when moving loopback streams
      loopback: quieten gcc on 32bit
      llist: add PA_LLIST_FOREACH_SAFE macro for iteration that allows deleting
      pdispatch: add missing commands to command table
      pdispatch: various modernizations
      protocol-native: compare uint64_t variable with (uint64_t) -1 instead of (size_t) -1 for compat with 32bit archs
      protocol-native: print more volume change debug messages to easy tracking down of feedback loops
      sink-input: extend comments on rewinding logic a bit
      proplist: allow setting of zero-length data properties
      bluetooth: remove left-over debug line
      build-sys: make proximity helper properly suid
      core: move 'flags' field into 'pa_sink_input_new_data' structure so that hooks can access it
      suspend-on-idle: don't resume devices for corked streams
      sconv: quieten gcc a bit
      core: add priority field to pa_sink/pa_source
      namereg: add new pa_namereg_is_valid_name_or_wildcard() call
      protocol-native: replace use of pa_namereg_is_valid_name() by pa_namereg_is_valid_name_or_wildcard() where applicable to allow use of @@ wildcards
      namereg: select default sink by priority
      core: initialize sink/source priorities automatically based on their proplists
      native: make sure clients cannot trigger an assert by sending us invalid volume info
      core: always allow volume setting with single-channel pa_cvolume
      cli: apply single-channel volume changes equally to all channels
      cli: make sure 'dump' uses pa_cvolume_max() to deduce a single-channel volume from a multi-channel volume
      pactl: implement pactl commands for changing volumes/mute stati
      pactl: drop unnecessary newlines from pa_log() invocations
      daemon: don't override path env vars if they are already set
      alsa: distuingish real underruns from left_to_play=0
      alsa: by default increase watermarks only on real underruns, don't try to be smart
      ladspa,remap: make description of sink follow moves
      core: add missing sink_unref()
      core: handle suspended state in pa_sink_render_full() similar to the other render functions
      core: fill up memblock with pa_sink_render_into_full() in pa_sink_render_full() instead of doing our own loop
      core-util: add api for setting env vars and record them so that we can undo them n fork
      daemon: clean up environment when forking off children
      sink: simplify pa_sink_render_full() by replacing it by a pa_sink_render() plus a couple of pa_sink_render_full()
      build-sys: drop LIBOIL_{FLAGS|LIBS} from Makefile.am since we don't use the library anymore
      core-util: call dbus_connection_set_exit_on_disconnect() on shared busses to make sure dbus_shutdown() isn't fatal
      core-util: don't leak memory in pa_unset_env_recorded()
      daemon: drop polkit code from git repo we weren't using anymore
      remap_sse: reindent macro so that diff to MMX is nicer
      remap_sse: fix inner loop increment on SSE
      daemon: make use of SIMD optional via config variable to ease debugging
      core: drop unnecessary variable initialization
      remap: build sse code only on x86

Luiz Augusto von Dentz (1):
      Handle DisconnectRequested in bluetooth module.

Wim Taymans (8):
      sconv: fix indentation
      remap: add sse optimized mono to stereo
      sample-util: avoid stack overrun
      remap: cleanup assembler a little
      macro: add macro to align variables
      convert: add sse/sse2 s16 to float32ne conversions
      remap: fix counters for mmx and sse remap
      sconv_sse: fix leftover counter


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lennart [at] poettering [dot] net
http://0pointer.net/lennart/           GnuPG 0x1A015CC4

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