[pulseaudio-discuss] KDE deleted my audio card?!?

Ozan Çağlayan ozan at pardus.org.tr
Sat Sep 5 04:56:16 PDT 2009

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> 'Twas brillig, and Valent Turkovic at 04/09/09 16:18 did gyre and gimble:
>> After installing new Skype 2.1 beta sound didn't work until I disabled
>> in skype "Allow Skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels", after
>> that it worked without problems.
> There are actually two problems here, one in pulseaudio and one in skype.
> The one in pulseaudio has been fixed (we didn't gracefully handle when
> a client sent us a volume change request with an invalid channel map).
> This patch is now in git master and has also been backported to 0.9.15
> in the 0.9.15-stable branch in git. Packages are recommended to
> include all patches from this branch and apply them on top of the
> 0.9.15 tarball.
> The second bug was in skype. I've been working with the skype devs
> today and we've found and fixed the source of the problem too.

Oh, hey that's really good to hear that's get fixed with the coop of the
community! Now we'll wait for the next release which will hopefully work
without unticking X or selecting Y from a combo box, ...

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