[pulseaudio-discuss] Adding "timeout=0" to module module-suspend-on-idle

Harsha, Priya priya.harsha at intel.com
Wed Sep 23 21:58:59 PDT 2009

>> Here are the logs using only the upstream pulesaudio modules. I see
>>the same behavior with the upstream pulse audio modules as well.
>>After 4th time, playback stops. Please share any clues of anything
>>that I could be doing/using wrongly here.
>Forgive my ignorance of the moblin fork but do we know if they modify
>any of the core pulseaudio modules in any way?
>Even if you only use the upstream modules in your default.pa, can we
>confident that they are pristine?
>Also what version of pulse is this based on?

The pulseaudio in moblin is based on 0.9.15, without any modifications to the core pulseaudio modules. The default.pa that we use is 

#!/usr/bin/pulseaudio -nF

### Automatically restore the volume of streams and devices
load-module module-device-restore
load-module module-stream-restore
load-module module-card-restore

load-module module-native-protocol-unix

### Automatically suspend sinks/sources that become idle for too long
load-module module-suspend-on-idle

### Publish connection data in the X11 root window
.ifexists module-x11-publish.so
load-module module-x11-publish

load-module module-hal-detect tsched=0
load-module module-bluetooth-discover


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