[pulseaudio-discuss] Unable to compile for some values of CHOST (on x86_64)

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Wed Sep 30 00:31:27 PDT 2009

On Wed, 30.09.09 15:22, Ng Oon-Ee (ngoonee at gmail.com) wrote:

> I'm using Archlinux 64-bit (x86_64), and am having trouble compiling
> pulseaudio from git (or even release tarballs) unless CHOST is
> x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu. By default my CHOST is x86_64-pc-linux-gnu. Is
> this an issue with something being hardcoded to the pulse makefiles?
> Easy to work around, though.

Can you be a bit more elaborate than this? "having trouble" does not
give me the slightest hint what might be going wrong.

PA itself certainly doesn't check CHOST.

> On another note, pulse cannot compile when the LDFLAGS --as-needed is
> used, should it be able to? Archlinux's default LDFLAGS has just been
> updated to use that. Again, easy to work around, but perhaps indicates
> some issue with pulse's code?

No, --as-needed is a klduge. We explicitly don't support that because
there is a cyclic dep between libpulse and libpulsecommon. Try to
google or grep the archives for an explanation for that.

> ADDITIONAL: on i686, the LDFLAGS -Wl also prevents compiling, though it
> doesn't on x86_64...

-Wl? what's that supposed to be? I know Wl,--xyz but I never heard of
-Wl alone.

Also, what's the point? I am pretty sure I can come up with lots of
options that make PA fail to build, but why should that matter? For
example I am quite sure that CFLAGS=--oh-lets-break-things makes the
PA build fail. 


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