[pulseaudio-discuss] Sound output is muted at 16% volume

Lennart Poettering lennart at poettering.net
Tue Apr 13 14:24:24 PDT 2010

BOn Mon, 12.04.10 11:58, Marti Raudsepp (marti at juffo.org) wrote:
> Hi Colin, thanks for your response. Any comments about the other problem though?
> > 'Twas brillig, and Marti Raudsepp at 11/04/10 21:06 did gyre and gimble:
> >> I tried working around this by changing the PCM level in alsamixer,
> >> but whenever a new client connects, PulseAudio thinks it's smarter
> >> than me and resets the PCM mixer -- to somewhere between 0.00 ...
> >> -0.60 dB (?!), and sets the master level to 0% again
> >>
> >> So there are 2 distinct problems:
> >> [...]
> >> 2. If PulseAudio wants to maximize some volume controls, it should set
> >> them at 0.0 dB, not -0.60 dB

The logic in PA is to set the hw volume to the smallest volume step that
is higher or equal to what PA needs and then the rest we attenuate in

It would be interesting to see what volume actually posesses for the
relevant mixer controls. For that it would be interesting to have a look
on the amixer output when you have set it to 0dB, and when PA has set it
to what it things is 0dB.

Also note that PA actually controls the entire mixer pipeline, so quite
possibly some limitation of a preceeding mixer element causes this minor
attenuation on the mixer element you are looking at.


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