[pulseaudio-discuss] My computer thinks I'm schizophrenic, is PA for me?

Jan Braun janbraun at gmx.de
Mon Apr 19 10:23:20 PDT 2010

Lennart Poettering schrob:
> > ...and you're explicitly disallowing cross-user shm transfer. :(
> > I guess I'll have to figure out the security implications of messing
> > with that.
> Well, the story goes like this: we need to make sure that a user A
> cannot trigger a SIGBUS in processes by user B simply by ftruncating an
> shm region A controls and B maps and accesses. Since handling SIGBUS
> from a library context is ugly to impossible we hence generally don't
> allow shm data transfer between users.

Thanks for the explanation. But this is only a DoS, isn't it? A can
terminate B's audio applications. That's something I could happily live
with, particularly as it means one of my personalities would need to
use a malicious (mis-)implementation of the PA protocol.

But of course, I see how you wouldn't want to oficcially distribute
that, so I'll probably be compiling my own version of PA in the future.
The joys of Free Software. :)

Thanks again,
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