[pulseaudio-discuss] cannot control input devices from pavucontrol + crashes in recording tab

Peter Hercek phercek at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 03:32:23 PST 2010

Well that says it alll. When I try to control muting or levels of input 
deviced in pavucontrol then it does not work. I can do this with 
'alsamixer -c 0'. I use archlinux and I set pulseaudio based on this page:
I also read
and it did not seem to contain something which would help.

Playback, Output Devices and Configuration tabs seem to work well.
Recording tab results in a pavucontrol crash when I try to mute a 
microphone which is used by arecord.
Anything I do in Input Devices does not seem to have any effect.

My system is Linux 2.6.36-ARCH x86_64 AMD. Audio device is ATI 
Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA).
Sofware versions:
libpulse 0.9.22-2
pavucontrol 0.9.10-4
pulseaudio 0.9.22-2
pulseaudio-alsa 1-2 (pulseaudio-gnome)
local/sdl-pulse 1.2.14-2

alsa-info output is here:

My brother has exactly the same sofware versions installed but he has a 
different hardware (an Intel machine with some xonar sound card). It all 
works well on his machine.

I would appreciate if somebody could help me to figure out what is wrong.


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