[pulseaudio-discuss] which ip address for network devices

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Sat Feb 6 11:17:31 PST 2010

'Twas brillig, and Brian J. Murrell at 05/02/10 20:55 did gyre and gimble:
> I have a machine that has multiple interfaces and thus multiple addresses.  I 
> have enabled PA (0.9.19) to share the devices out via the network and when I 
> start the PA server, I briefly see devices from it on my local machines 
> pavucontrol application but they disappear quite quickly.
> For the few seconds that I can see them in my pavucontrol I can see that they
> are using an IP address that's not on the local LAN but one of the other
> networks (a VPN) this machine is connected to.
> Is there any way I can resolve this?

IIRC the 0.9.19 had a bug relating to tunnels. Please use 0.9.21 (it's
just a bug fix from 0.9.19 anyway) and also apply the patches from the
stable-queue git branch.



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