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Mateusz Viste mateusz at viste-family.net
Sun Feb 21 01:00:37 PST 2010

On Saturday 20 February 2010 22:54 (CET), Dotan Cohen wrote:
> While I do agree with your point, I am wary of having a full http
> server running all the time. 

It depends of what you mean by "running all the time" :)
On my webiste, I advise to use the Grumy HTTP server for that. Grumpy is a server I wrote few months ago, which is called by xinetd (or inetd). This way, you don't have a http server "all the time", but only when there is a http request to handle (xinetd listens on port 80, and start Grumpy when a HTTP request comes, then the Grumpy server process it, and stops, until a new request come to xinetd).

Installing Grumpy is no problem on Linux: You need to copy one file to /sbin/ (or /usr/sbin if you like), put grumpy.cfg in /etc/ and configure the superserver (inetd or xinetd) to redirect TCP/80 connexions to Grumpy. That's all!

Anyway - if people keep saying to me that installing a http server sounds like a hard thing to do, I might finally code a small http engine into PaWebGui....

> Freebasic, really? I haven't looked at Basic since the Commodore 128!

Ah :)
I started writing BASIC programs several years ago on an ATARI XL :) Then switched to GW-BASIC on my first PC (80286), then came QBASIC, then QuickBASIC and - finally - FreeBASIC. I do tried other languages, but the BASIC syntax was so appealing to me, that I stayed with BASIC-like compilers.
FreeBASIC is a great modern programming language which allows to write professional programs in a very efficient way. If you're curious, take a look at http://www.freebasic.net/ ;-)

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Mateusz Viste
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