[pulseaudio-discuss] Problem with upmixing / external usb sound card

Benjamin Wild nimajnebwild at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 2 08:18:42 PDT 2010


I have a internal intel hda soundcard and a external aureon 5.1 usb mk2
sound card. they are both supported by alsa and the aureon card even has
excellent alsa support according to the alsa wiki
(http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Terratec_Aureon_5.1_USB_MK.2 ).

The aureon card doesn't have a hardware mixer, so pulsaudio (alsa?) has
to upmix stereo sounds to 5.1 which works quite well, but: i can't hear
any bass until i switch to my internal soundcard for playback and back
the aureon card. when i pause my music/sound even for just a second, the
bass is gone again. also, adjusting the volume sliders for the different
channels in pavucontrol either changes nothing or multiple channels at
once (for example, the low frequency channel has no effect).

what i already tried (thanks to coling from #pulseaudio):
- disabling module-suspend-idle
- module-udev-detect with and without tsched=0
- uninstalling openal

some debugging stuff:

pacmd ls output (with bass working): http://pastebin.com/k388d5ZD
pacmd ls output (with bass not working): http://pastebin.com/xdW1Ra1K

pulseaudio -vvvvv output (i started pulseaudio in debug mode, then i
started playing a song with mpd (bass not working), then i switched to
my internal intel soundcard for a second and back again (bass working),
then i paused playback in mpd for a second and started playback again
(bass not working again) : http://pastebin.com/0xkyreXe

Thanks in advance!

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