[pulseaudio-discuss] recommended PA config for an "embedded" box

Manuel Klemenz m.klemenz at gmx.at
Thu Jun 3 13:57:56 PDT 2010

Hi guys...

I'm running a small Linux box/server in my home network where also my speaker 
are attached. this box is running 24/7 (at least almost) and only accessible 
over network - so no mouse, keyboard or video output is attached thereto.

A year ago I set up the box to run pulseaudio as system wide deamon in order 
to route my laptop's sound output there when I'm at home (utilizing gentoo's 
init-scripts). As I've read in PA's wiki, this setup is strongly discouraged 
and PA shouldn't be run in this way. Additionally those scripts are no longer 
installed after updating/upgrading PA to 0.9.21

so here's my question: how do I avoid this config - or in other words, what's 
the recommended way for such a setup?

best regards,
Manuel Klemenz
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