[pulseaudio-discuss] synchronous over IP network

Michael Dressel michael.dressel at desy.de
Mon Jun 21 11:21:38 PDT 2010

On Mon, 21 Jun 2010, Colin Guthrie wrote:

> Tunnels can be a bit tricky at times and I'm not really certain that
> they've had all that much love recently. They probably need some kind of
> dynamic buffer support to prevent dropouts on some networks types (e.g.
> WiFi) and it will also be affected by the client application (e.g.
> clients that request large latencies - gstreamer media player
> applications for example) will likely fare well, but applications not
> designed for this (i.e. most of them) or those that specifically want
> short latencies will not function as well (as they don't pump much data
> into the buffers).

What I do is running pulseaudio on all the computers in the network.
On one computer pulseaudio combines several sinks via tunneling to the
pulseaudio servers on the other computers. I use paplay on the first computer
with the combined sink provided by pulseaudio. So the client and server are
all pulseaudio.
Is there another solution to play sound synchronously to several other
computers without tunneling (and without RTP multicast which I found worse)?

E.g. with ogg123 it's possible to specify multiple pulseaudio servers
but of course it's not synchronized.

Thanks for your help,

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