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>From my recent thread,
Proper PulseAudio installation for KUbuntu 10.4 ; jor KUbuntu
[pulseaudio-discuss] Proper PulseAudio installation for KUbuntu 10.4 ;
jor PA
I read that PA is being worked on for KUbuntu 10.10,
but not for the long term release 10.4.

[And see other references at end.]

Am I wrong here:
Isn't it stupid to not get this very useful PA sw into the long term
release system, 10.4?

Which begs this question:
What is the proper way for a user to move forward with (K)Ubuntu as a
function of calendar time & update Ubuntu releases?:
1) Upgrade from an LTS to all of the following interim releases, or
2) Stick with the LTS?

I've pretty much been doing fresh installs for each new 6 month release,
except for the KDE 4 debacle, when I might have stuck with KDE3 for a
while, & stuck with 9.4 & kde4 from ppa, instead of going to 9.10.

Back to my topic:

1)  _Who_ is leading, _&_ also who is working on, the effort to get PA
into KUbuntu?

BTW, are KUbuntu people working on this issue separate from Debian

Or, is it a joint effort, & everything PA for KUbuntu will come solely
from Debian?

1.5)  Who is working to get PulseAudio integrated into KDE?

1.7)  PA is in Ubuntu, right?   Are the KUbuntu people working with the
Ubuntu PA developers to get PA in KU?

1.8)  What are the major issues needing to be accomplished to get PA
into KUbuntu 10.4?  10.10?

2)  Where (irc channel, mailing list, web page, wiki page) is the PA
into KUbuntu / DebianKDE being worked on?  Ie, where does one look to
follow the progress, see projected timelines, see bugs, etc.?

Thanks :)

=====   References:
0)  URLs:

==   1) very informative response on PA list from gmane at colin.guthr.ie 
'Twas brillig, and giovanni_re at 24/06/10 08:26 did gyre and gimble:
> > So, what is the proper set of packages to get a proper PA system installed on KUbuntu?
That's really a question for KUbuntu folks. As upstream, we cannot
really comment accurately about distros we're not necessarily familiar
with (which is the case for me with KUbuntu).

Some users may be able to offer practical advice.

If you are part of the KUbuntu project and want to get advice on how
best to integrate support, then by all means pop on to IRC for a more
interactive discussion.

But primarily, KUbuntu is just a "KDE Distro" and thus the general
advice for KDE is what I'd suggest here.

I believe the necessary support in Phonon and KMix is not included in
the KUbuntu distribution (although, as above, I'm not familiar with it
so cannot comment fully), but suffice to say, the GUIs and interfaces
you should expect to see and user are outlined here:


If you don't see that, go bug your local friendly KUbuntuman and ask
them to provide repositories where the necessary support is compiled in
to both packages. It's pretty simple and I can be consulted if there are
any issues.



PS Oh and padevchooser is not really replaced by anything per-se. It
works in a strange/outdated way that generally breaks several things. We
generally recommend using pavucontrol instead. paman is really only a
debug tool which can be better done via the command line now for handy
copy+paste diagnosis and pavumeter has been rolled into pavucontrol too.

PS2: Although there have been no releases for 6 months, there have been
several stability/bug fixes since with we push to the stable-queue
branches which distros pull from when creating their packages. There are
a lot of new changes in our master branch and there will be a release
within the next six months or so, but no solid time frames as of yet.

==   2)  From  captain_bodge at yahoo.co.uk  on the KUbuntu list:
> 2) Here is the suggested set of sw you should install.
In any up to date distro where it is supported (eg Ubuntu 10.04), it
will be preinstalled and preconfigured, as it's pretty much a
requirement for Gnome these days. Under KDE there is a feeling that it's
not required as KDE has Phonon. In my view (and it seems only the
Kubuntu devs disagree with me on this) this is a mistake, as Phonon does
not provide half the functionality of pulseaudio.

A lot of work went into KDE over the last 6 months to make it
pulseaudio-friendly. However these changes arrived slightly too late for
the 10.04 Kubuntu release and there were build issues and packaging
problems that would have been too risky to address at the late stage
when the problem was identified. Not to mention the fact there appear to
be two versions of Phonon upstream. I raised the bug, but I didn't spot
it until the 10.04 RC.

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