[pulseaudio-discuss] Who's working to get PA working in KDE/KUbuntu? Where is info about that? ; jor

Daniel Chen seven.steps at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 19:24:04 PDT 2010


On Mon, Jun 28, 2010 at 5:08 PM, giovanni_re <john_re at fastmail.us> wrote:
> I read that PA is being worked on for KUbuntu 10.10,
> but not for the long term release 10.4.

That isn't necessarily the case.  Getting newer packages into the
already-released 10.04 LTS is much heavier process-wise [to prevent
regressions from release as much as possible].

You might want to raise this question on the kubuntu-devel mailing
list (hosted on lists.ubuntu.com).  My feeling is that it's feasible
to stage some packages in a ppa for wider testing before asking for
lucid-proposed, but I'm rather removed from the process these days due
to additional work commitments.

> Isn't it stupid to not get this very useful PA sw into the long term
> release system, 10.4?

See previous.

> What is the proper way for a user to move forward with (K)Ubuntu as a
> function of calendar time & update Ubuntu releases?:
> 1) Upgrade from an LTS to all of the following interim releases, or
> 2) Stick with the LTS?

As the user, you understand your operating requirements better than (we) I do.

> 1)  _Who_ is leading, _&_ also who is working on, the effort to get PA
> into KUbuntu?

For Kubuntu proper, you'll want to contact the Kubuntu devs; see the
mailing list mentioned previously.  Note that because the packages are
one-and-identical, you'll essentially be referred to the
ubuntu-audio-dev Launchpad team as a point of contact.

> BTW, are KUbuntu people working on this issue separate from Debian
> people?

Are you referring to the Debian KDE people or the Debian PulseAudio
people (several of us from at least the latter are on this list)?

> Or, is it a joint effort, & everything PA for KUbuntu will come solely
> from Debian?

Kubuntu will use Ubuntu's PA packaging by virtue of the shared repository.

> 1.5)  Who is working to get PulseAudio integrated into KDE?
> 1.7)  PA is in Ubuntu, right?   Are the KUbuntu people working with the
> Ubuntu PA developers to get PA in KU?

See previous regarding ubuntu-audio-dev and Kubuntu using Ubuntu's PA packaging.

> 1.8)  What are the major issues needing to be accomplished to get PA
> into KUbuntu 10.4?  10.10?

PA is already in 10.10.  PA can be installed for Kubuntu 10.04 LTS,
but one would need to configure KDE System Settings properly *and* use
a fixed Phonon.

> 2)  Where (irc channel, mailing list, web page, wiki page) is the PA
> into KUbuntu / DebianKDE being worked on?  Ie, where does one look to
> follow the progress, see projected timelines, see bugs, etc.?

Bugs are tracked in Launchpad.


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