[pulseaudio-discuss] Volume jumps to 100% on KDE startup in KDE 4.4.0-4.4.1

Dwight Paige dwight.paige at gmail.com
Sun Mar 14 14:15:32 PDT 2010

On 03/14/2010 01:43 PM, Colin Guthrie wrote:

>> I have installed the pulseaudio packages in>Main>Testing [version
>> 1.0.21]. No problems to report so far. I wonder if there are
>> corresponding packages in Fedora?
> I believe the updates have already been shipped in Fedora. I don't
> follow the updates there very closely so can't say for certain. "rpm -q
> --changelog pulseaudio" will probably tell you more.

I gave wrong version # for pulseaudio packages in Mandriva. It's 0.9.21. 
And Fedora pulseaudio packages are also 0.9.21. Fedora KMix [version 
3.6-alpha2 updated from Redhat/Fedora KDE-testing repo] is indeed 
showing alsa controls currently.

Also upon further investigation I may not have the problem I thought I had.

I did a fresh install of Fedora 12 x86_64 formatting both / and /home 
partitions so all files would be fresh/default. Sound behavior is 
different from my original Fedora 12 install [still have that too].
It shows the original/default volume in KMix [Master Channel] as 21%. It 
also had some channels muted like front, center, surround, and LFE which 
I had to unmute all to hear sound. This 21% volume was actually to low 
so I installed and opened pavucontrol and set Output devices to 31% 
which set KMix Master Volume to 61% which is good for me.

Now here's one thing that seems strange to me. When I logout or reboot 
with KMix open when it plays the shutdown sound volume automatically 
lowers to 22% and I can barely hear log out sound. When I log back in 
with KMix open volume is again 61% until login sound plays when volume 
lowers automatically to 22% and when login sound finishes volume returns 
to 61%... Don't know if this is what it's supposed to do or not.

After a number of reboots I added Redhat/Fedora KDE repo and installed 
KDE 4.4.1 from kde-testing. And shutdown/startup sound behavior 
remained. ie. lowering automatically to 22% when startup sound started 
and after startup sound finished volume automatically changed to the 61% 
I had set.

At any rate my NEW Fedora install certainly has a volume level, except 
for startup/shutdown sound, that I find very usable. Will see if 
anything changes as I try more apps and tests.

I don't know what changed in my original Fedora install to cause 
startup/shutdown volume to shoot to 100%. I'm probably just going to 
move what little data I have there to new Fedora partition and see what 

Hope this all makes sense. Let me if it doesn't or more info or test are 

Dwight Paige

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