[pulseaudio-discuss] Choose remote default sink fromcommandline?

Dave Markus davem at mich.com
Sat Nov 13 09:54:57 PST 2010

At 04:14 AM 11/13/2010, you wrote:
>Am Freitag, den 12.11.2010, 21:55 -0500 schrieb Dave:
> > - How do I set this tunnel as the default sink (so apps launched from
> > gnome will use it)?
>As they wrote multiple times already. Just move the stream to this sink
>in `pavucontrol` and PA will remember that setting.
>Your subject line seems to require a solution for the command line, but
>since you used the *deprecated* `padevchooser` (annotation for users
>reading the archives) I guess you will be able to run `pavucontrol`.
>Thanks, Paul

My goal is to do this from the command line so I can put the commands 
in a script and execute the script when the system boots. I can not 
count on the user to understand anything about configuring the sound 
system. It just needs to work by itself.

FWIW - the tunnel sink I created, sink-DGTM, does not show up in 
pavucontrol or padevchooser. It only shows up when I do '$ pacmd list'.

- Dave


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