[pulseaudio-discuss] Couple of PA problems

James Harkins jamshark70 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 27 03:00:26 PST 2010

At Sat, 27 Nov 2010 11:39:17 +0100,
Alexey Fisher wrote:
> Hi James,
> please do not start any bug report with frustration or comparision to
> windows, it frustrate devs.
> To your problem. PA do not route IN to OUT, you can force it like
> "gst-launch pulsesrc ! pulsesink" but you really don't wont it.
> I'm sure to 99%, your problem is hardware. Take a look to some deeper
> layer like ALSA (HW -> ALSA -> PA -> ALSA -> HW). Start "alsamixer" and
> take look to some thing with name "Mic" or "Line in" and mute it. In
> alsamixer you will have 3 section: playback, input, all. In playbak
> section "Mic" is monitor for your microphone. This will actually route
> your mic to speakers directly.

You're right, it was in alsamixer.

I apologize for the frustration -- unfortunately, it often happens that by the time I get around to asking a question in a place where I might get an answer, I've already spent 1-2 hours searching the web and getting annoyed that the answer isn't there.

As for the comparison to Windows, I didn't mean it as "why doesn't pa behave like Windows?" The intention was just to say, I have one system (Ubuntu) which I really like except for this weird audio routing, and two other systems (Windows and Mac) that do not have this routing as the default configuration.

I think Windows audio is kind of a mess myself and I really hope pa devs don't try to emulate it :)

Anyway, that part turned out not to be pa, so that's okay.

Still unclear about the volume changing.


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