[pulseaudio-discuss] Noise when setting volume of individual tracks w/ multichannel files

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Oct 18 14:16:00 PDT 2010

'Twas brillig, and pl bossart at 18/10/10 20:22 did gyre and gimble:
> Hi,
> I tried to see if the latest changes in git master to the volume
> control code fixed a bug I noticed some time ago. No luck. When
> playing a 6-ch file, if I change the volume of, say, the front left
> with pavucontrol, a noise appears. As soon as one volume setting is
> different (higher or lower) from that of the other channels I hear
> this noise. If the volume changes for all channels at once, the noise
> disappears.
> I don't really understand the volume control code, but I wonder if
> this can be confirmed by others?

I have seen similar issues in the past, but can't do a proper test right
now. Will try and do so soon tho'.

Perhaps worth trying PULSE_NO_SIMD=1 to rule out MMX/SSE optimisations etc?



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