[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulse-cookie locking in NFS causes 30 second delays

Maarten Bosmans mkbosmans at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 02:26:36 PDT 2011

I can't really comment on the bug itself or the necessity of changing
the locking scheme.

About the proposed patch:
First: that hunk in core-util is formatted very confusingly, but I
guess that is just the result of diff being stupid there.
If the right solution is to add pa_read_lock_fd, the I think it should
be defined unconditionally (i.e. not protected by HAVE_READ_LOCKS) and
the implementation should fall back to pa_lock_fd for a write lock if
F_SETLKW is not defined, so that the stuff on Windows keeps working
(I'll fix it up properly to use a read lock later)

Also, the semantics of promoting a read lock to a write lock need to
be defined in a comment in core-util.c. From the patch it looks like a
promoted lock needs to be unlocked only once, but at least on Windows
two unlock operations are needed.


2011/8/19 David Henningsson <david.henningsson at canonical.com>:
> Hi,
> I came across this bug:
> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/817269
> Which claims the following (and also offers a patch [1] to fix it). I don't
> know much about file locking or NFS, but maybe someone here knows more than
> I here.
> Quoting the bug:
> Pulseaudio uses a cookie file (normally ~/.pulse-cookie). This file is
> manipulated by the code in src/pulsecore/authkey.c. Currently it does this
> to read the key:
> 1) Open the file
> 2) Acquire a write-lock for the file.
> 3) Read the file.
> 4) If the file is not a good cookie, generate a new cookie and write it to
> the file.
> 5) Close the file.
> If more than one thread is opening the cookie at once, then there is
> contention at step (2) which is rarely necessary. Instead, step (2) should
> acquire only a read-lock, and then step (4) should promote that to a
> write-lock before writing the file.
> This is particularly bad in the case where the .pulse-cookie file is on NFS.
> In that case, the lock contention forces a thirty-second backoff from
> whichever thread gets there second.
> I am happy to work with y'all in engineering a patch for this. It requires
> obviously a change to src/pulsecore/authkey.c, and a corresponding one in
> src/pulsecore/core-util.c where the actual lock syscall occurs.
> The following script (if ~ is in NFS) will demonstrate the problem. The two
> pactl processes both try to acquire the lock on the file simultaneously, and
> whichever one loses will take thirty seconds before it wins, because of the
> needless contention (and the unfortunate facts of how lockd in NFS works).
> !/bin/bash
> procs=()
> for i in $(seq 1 $NUM_PROCS); do
>  pactl list > /dev/null &
>  procs[$i]=$!
> done
> for i in $(seq 1 $NUM_PROCS); do
>  wait ${procs[$i]}
> done
> --
> David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.
> http://launchpad.net/~diwic
> [1] https://launchpadlibrarian.net/77550336/use-read-locks
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