[pulseaudio-discuss] [RFC] Dynamic reconfiguration of sampling rate

pl bossart bossart.nospam at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 13:48:05 PST 2011

>> I think the general idea was to stop the pops and clicks that would be
>> apparent on some devices (maybe some HDA?) when the device is opened and
>> closed (and also to be slightly more responsive but that's probably a
>> trivial advantage on any machine made this millennium!).
>> So I'm not sure we can idle at 0s as a general rule, but as I have very
>> limited test hardware (namely my laptop and couple other machine which
>> aren't really meant for testing!), I can't really say this with any
>> degree of confidence.
> I'll do more testing later today. I could see some issues with
> networking or interfaces like S/PDIF or HDMI, where the receiver needs
> to relock. But for local playback we should be fine. You will still
> send zeroes out as soon as the sink-input is created, and there'll be
> an interval before the first valid sample is provided by the
> application.

I tried with several outputs, USB headset and speakers, no
clicks/pops. On the SPDIF or HDMI outputs though, my receiver does
reset the DACs when it loses the sync, and there are definitely some
short pops.
In other words we would need to introduce a timeout value for each
profile, not sure how to go about this. There's really no difference
from the PulseAudio level between a USB headset that can be
reconfigured and a receiver connected by SPDIF through an M-Audio USB

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