[pulseaudio-discuss] Pulseaudio network audio server perfect setup

Thomas Riché thomas.riche at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 02:02:58 PST 2011


I am trying to get the perfect pulseaudio network audio server setup.

So far, I have pulseaudio daemon running on my sound server.
I am able to access it from my clients using padevchooser.

I have two questions:

1/ padevchooser is tagged as obsolete in the pulseaudio documentation.
What sould I use instead ?

2/ The last thing I miss is the use of my multimedia keyboard to be able to
control the server's volume.
This is not a pulseaudio issue, rather a GNOME one (yes, I am using GNOME)
But I figured that someone from pulseaudio could better understand this
So, If I use the volume control applet, it is totaly transparent for me
(when it comes to adjusting the volume levels) weather I use my local server
or the networked one.
However, the actions of my volume up/down keys only affects my local sound
server...too bad !

Thanks in advance for any kind of help.


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