[pulseaudio-discuss] Fighting rewinds / pulseaudio crash - update

David Henningsson david.henningsson at canonical.com
Sun Jan 30 21:07:22 PST 2011

So to recap a little on the fighting rewinds issue - the one that makes 
pulseaudio crash due to spending too much time in RT prio, and with the 
pulseaudio log filled with rewinds.

A month ago I provided five patches in total, two in gstreamer[1] and 
three in pulseaudio.

GStreamer #1: we have the "don't start the stream until we have written 
some samples" - this fix is in gstreamer HEAD, committed by Wim Taymans.

GStreamer #2: send larger packages by removing a strange limit to 
gstreamer's "segment size". This fix has been posted to the 
gstreamer-devel mailinglist, but not committed AFAIK. I'm attaching a 
version of the patch which has proper git headers and against git head.

Both GStreamer fixes have recently been uploaded to Ubuntu Natty, the 
development version of Ubuntu.

PulseAudio #1 and #2: I believe these should be applied to PulseAudio 

PulseAudio #3: A person with alias h31 helped out here, and noticed this 
patch was the one causing a regression in Skype. While I haven't exactly 
figured out why, I do notice that this patch could cause problems for 
very short samples. So let's drop this one for the time being.

For reference I resend the three patches (one in GStreamer, two in 
pulseaudio) that I would like to see applied.

David Henningsson, Canonical Ltd.

[1] Well, Wim Taymans has some credit for the helping out with the first 
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