[pulseaudio-discuss] Fighting rewinds / pulseaudio crash - update

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Jan 31 01:41:21 PST 2011

Thanks for the update David :)

'Twas brillig, and David Henningsson at 31/01/11 05:07 did gyre and gimble:
> So to recap a little on the fighting rewinds issue - the one that makes
> pulseaudio crash due to spending too much time in RT prio, and with the
> pulseaudio log filled with rewinds.
> A month ago I provided five patches in total, two in gstreamer[1] and
> three in pulseaudio.
> GStreamer #1: we have the "don't start the stream until we have written
> some samples" - this fix is in gstreamer HEAD, committed by Wim Taymans.
> GStreamer #2: send larger packages by removing a strange limit to
> gstreamer's "segment size". This fix has been posted to the
> gstreamer-devel mailinglist, but not committed AFAIK. I'm attaching a
> version of the patch which has proper git headers and against git head.
> Both GStreamer fixes have recently been uploaded to Ubuntu Natty, the
> development version of Ubuntu.

OK, I'll try and do the same in mdv once I can actually get my system in
a vaguely working state due to all the changes of late... (rpm5 switch).

> PulseAudio #1 and #2: I believe these should be applied to PulseAudio
> upstream.

OK, I think you've given it sufficient testing and exposer to confirm
this. Can I just ask if these are "safe" if the corresponding gst fixes
are not committed? (i.e. will GST generally bork or should it cope as
well as currently without it's patches?) Also, master only or master+s-q
(I'm personally favouring the latter).

> PulseAudio #3: A person with alias h31 helped out here, and noticed this
> patch was the one causing a regression in Skype. While I haven't exactly
> figured out why, I do notice that this patch could cause problems for
> very short samples. So let's drop this one for the time being.

OK, I can ask my Skype contact to see if there is something we can do to
debug this further. Just ping me to discuss and we can take it from there.

> For reference I resend the three patches (one in GStreamer, two in
> pulseaudio) that I would like to see applied.




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