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Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Mon Jan 31 05:18:41 PST 2011

'Twas brillig, and Maarten Bosmans at 25/01/11 11:30 did gyre and gimble:
>> With the patch reverted, the following works fine:
>> git clone git://blah
>> cd pulseaudio
>> ./autogen.sh -V
>> mkdir dc
>> cd dc
>> ../configure
>> make distcheck
> Ah, yes. I was looking for such a recipe.
> I have now made a new patch series where make distcheck works.

Cool. I took it for a test run. It works OK, but not when you have Orc
installed. In that case it still breaks as it generates files in

In an ideal world I'd move them out of there too (like the symdef stuff)
but I've not had time to solve this properly, so I just modified your
first patch very slightly to still mkdir and include this directory for
the echo-cancel module only. That solves the problem and will allow me
to commit your patches.

Hopefully Arun can tidy it up a little later (and also remove the
"build" dir that currently exists with the orc.mak as I'd prefer not to
have a "build" directory under VC (mainly due to me always doing "rm -rf
build" by way of common convention). Tho' that is hardly very urgent :)

> The workaround for this is indeed just to make src/daemon in the builddir.

This was the Makefile.am foo that was just beyond me! Thanks :)

> So the first patch does the mkdir'ing of src/daemon and src/modules in
> the builddir. Also the symdef.h files are now made in the src/modules
> directory, so there is no need to make all the subdirectories. I hope
> that's OK. It means that the include directories in AM_CFLAGS can be
> reduced quite a bit.

So just for clarity, it's slightly modified. I've attached my diff to
Makefile.am just for your reference but I squashed it into your first
commit when I applied it.

> Whether it should be srcdir or builddir in AM_CFLAGS has been a source
> of confusion in the past:
> http://git.0pointer.de/?p=pulseaudio.git;a=commitdiff;h=a206ac0fb58d757da30897ca9a64ae642d1865d1
> http://git.0pointer.de/?p=pulseaudio.git;a=commitdiff;h=7104d54bbce8f9bd2553e16f45f3a0f69ac75b8b
> The difficulty is that the from a git build the generated headers are
> in the builddir and from a tar build the headers are pre-generated in
> the srcdir. Anyway, that is solved now.

Indeed, thanks for tidying it up. I suspect some folk may not like the
new location due to them doing in-tree builds but you can't please
everyone! If that really is a concern a simple ".symdefs" folder could
be added to keep the vale of "cleanliness". No need until someone moans
tho' :)

> The second patch is the same as the one you rejected. After the first
> patch it no longer breaks make distcheck.


> The third patch is some more cleanup in Makefile.am. It should be
> applied on top of Arun's build patches that are in his orc branch he
> referenced in a mail to the list yesterday. I could rebase it on
> master, but the he has to do the same.

Hunk 3 didn't apply, but I fixed it up manually. I think I did it OK,
but you can maybe double check? (the first bit of the hunk applied fine,
but the second but (setting the BUILT_SOURCES to blank) I just
incorporated into the only place it's set by changing += to a plain =.





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