[pulseaudio-discuss] output issue

oarkhel at softserveinc.com oarkhel at softserveinc.com
Tue Jan 25 23:17:32 PST 2011

Dear Support

I have a problem with pulse audio server.
My PC configuration: DQ57TM, Intel Core i5 3.2, internal sound card
OS: host - Open suse 11.2 64bit, KDE 4.3.5, guest - Widows XP SP3
(Virtual box 4.0.2)

I have a web-cam Logitech  and I want to use it in guest OS. I have
installed pulse audio server. The input works fine. I see the ALSA
plugin and web-cam's microphone as input device. But I have only dummy
output. So i don't have a sound in my headphones.

# lsof  /dev/dsp* /dev/audio* /dev/mixer* /dev/snd/*
pulseaudi  4807 SOFTSERVE\oarkhel  mem    CHR 116,10          5396
pulseaudi  4807 SOFTSERVE\oarkhel   20u   CHR 116,11      0t0 5406
pulseaudi  4807 SOFTSERVE\oarkhel   34u   CHR 116,10      0t0 5396
kmix      30782 SOFTSERVE\oarkhel   10u   CHR  116,9      0t0 5357
kmix      30782 SOFTSERVE\oarkhel   12u   CHR 116,11      0t0 5406
<mailto:pulseaudio-discuss at mail.0pointer.de>
Please help me to realize the output

Thank you in advance!
Best regards,
*Oleksiy Arkhelyuk*
*Chernivtsi DevCenter Support*
*SoftServe Inc.*
246 Holovna St.
Chernivtsi 58032, Ukraine
oarkhel at softserveinc.com www.softserveinc.com
Tel: +380-32-240-9090 x1877 Cell: 067.372.63.30
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