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Spidey / Claudio spideybr at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 08:57:30 PDT 2011

The first time I've installed Pulse Audio, I had multiple profiles for my
onboard hda_intel sound board, and a single digital out profile for my ATI
hdmi card. Perfectly. Phonon acted weird, then I discovered about the xdg
autostart .desktop file. Executed the phonon/kde script and then everything
was perfect. I could select the correct profile, had 2 devices (Intel HDA
and ATI hdmi), input and output working correctly. Tested on multiple
softwares, including Skype.
Ah, I'm on Gentoo, KDE 4, btw.

The problem arrises next time I booted, I guess. Now I have 3 devices, ATI
hdmi, Intel HDA and Internal Audio. Intel HDA just have a digital output
profile, which is useless for me. Internal audio works as a device with a
single output, which points to the default output (green jack) in my onboard
card, where my headphone is plugged. Internal Audio isn't selectable in the
Configuration tab in pavucontrol, so I can't select any profile for it. With
this new setup, I don't have analog input from my onboard Intel HDA
soundcard, so no microphone, no Skype.

aplay -l and arecord -l gives me correct results. I just don't understand
WHEN or WHAT made PA go mad at me, and mess with my devices.

Claudio Roberto França Pereira (a.k.a. Spidey)
hardMOB - HTForum - @spideybr
Engenharia de Computação - UFES 2006/1
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