[pulseaudio-discuss] Tags and versions

Colin Guthrie gmane at colin.guthr.ie
Wed Jun 22 13:51:57 PDT 2011


Those of you following git master will notice that I've just deleted the
v1.0-dev tag and replaced it (one commit later) with "v0.98-dev"

This was done to avoid a problem we noticed related to version
comparisons in e.g. pkg-config with our v1.0-dev approach.

Automatic versioning based on git tags caused versions such as
v1.0-234-fdBa49 to appear in pkg-config files. When working in other
apps, this would be seen as greater than the pure v1.0 version. This may
cause some problems for people integrating support for new features in
client apps etc.

Anyway, for this reason, we will tag the development branch for $MAJOR
(which is always git master) as v($MAJOR-1).98 immediately after release.

When it comes to the Alpha/Beta/RC cycle we will just release a series
of v($MAJOR-1).99.1, v($MAJOR-1).99.2...n until we are happy.

The final release will obviously be v$MAJOR.0.

As before we'll be pretty much completely dropping the micro number. and
most of the time we'll just be incrementing the major for new releases
which I very much hope to do much more rapidly than in the past. The
only real reason we'll use the micro number is if
 a) There are some big developments that means a major bump will be
(deliberately) some time away.
 b) Distro maintainers want to push patches to a "stable" branch of
v$MAJOR and do mini releases that make it easier to push as updates to
released distro versions. I'm open to any suggestions here but hopefully
with a shorter cycle on $MAJOR bumps this won't be as in-demand as it
has been in the past.

All the best



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