[pulseaudio-discuss] multiseat and PulseAudio?

Tomasz Chmielewski mangoo at wpkg.org
Mon May 16 01:49:51 PDT 2011

On 16.05.2011 08:49, David Henningsson wrote:
> On 2011-05-14 17:46, Tomasz Chmielewski wrote:
>> Traditionally, UNIX systems were supporting multiseat desktop sessions
>> (i.e. multiple keyboards, video cards, monitors attached to one PC).
>> According to:
>> http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/WhatIsWrongWithSystemMode
>> What is wrong with system mode?
>> Or with other words: if you run it that way on your desktop,
>> then you are doing it the wrong way.
>> What is the correct way to use PulseAudio with multiseat systems?
> Assuming there is also one sound card per seat, you should run one
> PulseAudio per seat, and as the user currently logged in to that seat.
> Exactly how to do that, i e set up access to the right sound card for
> the logged in user (with ConsoleKit etc) is beyond my knowledge though.

I only have one sound card in the PC.

It works fine when I start PulseAudio in the system mode, but according 
to documentation, this is unsupported, strongly discouraged and should 
only be used in some embedded setups.
So I'd like to do it "the right way" - unfortunately, PulseAudio 
documentation does not explain how to setup PulseAudio with multiseat.

If I start PulseAudio in the user mode, only one user gets a sound card; 
the second one gets "Dummy Output".

Tomasz Chmielewski

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