[pulseaudio-discuss] multiseat and PulseAudio?

duportail poort at telenet.be
Mon May 16 05:21:20 PDT 2011

Op 16-5-2011 10:51, Tomasz Chmielewski schreef:
> On 16.05.2011 10:43, duportail wrote:
>> Currently i use a script to set the users' default sink according the
>> display he is on, because you do not know which user is logged in on
>> which display.
> I only have one sound card for all users, so I guess your scripts 
> wouldn't help much?
I use a usb soundcard per display.I log in at each display to detect the 
sink of the usb soundcard that is for that display.
Than a script to set the default sink per display, this script is called 
in the users' autostart function.
If the user logs in, the script finds out what $DISPLAY and sets the 
default sink.
The .pulse dir should be empty.
I did some work regarding udev rules and consolekit stuff, but it is so 
difficult to re-configure remote systems if somehow a hub is broken or 
replaced on the computer.

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